After a failed attempt to camp in Sheboygan, IL (apparently, the most popular campground on the Lake Michigan coast), we hastily packed up the car and drove South to Chicago where our dear friend Paige graciously received us into her home. We were tired and weary from driving and camping in the rain, and thrilled to have such a nice place to stay.

The first order of business was to meet up with Sabah, and woman we found on Craig’s List who was willing to take our plants to New York. She was driving there in 24 hours, and this plan would spare us the grief of dealing with border patrol on our way in and out of Toronto tomorrow. We couldn’t bare the prospect of getting busted again and leaving our plants behind to be destroyed (burned) by the Canadian border control. We don’t know much about Sabah, but she did wear a glow-in-the-dark peace sign necklace, which makes me think she will be kind to our little friends.

Today, we are off to take an architectural boat tour and to do some bike-riding around the city. More to come…